CATANOMY Introduction

CATANOMY allows to provide or consume technology and data through on-line transactions (input-output). The aim of CATANOMY is to make otherwise expensive technology and data accessible for the users for a price that corresponds to the extent of their individual use.


Users acquire outputs from CATANOMY in real time through internet browser or through programs – by including the relevant CATANOMY call in own applications.

CATANOMY providers

CATANOMY allows providers to trade their processes and data in a transaction way, i.e. by transferring the result, not the whole procedure or whole data to the user.

The providers place their know-how in CATANOMY in the form of files including the relevant data or source codes or libraries. Service adjustments of these files can be also executed online through CATANOMY user interface.

CATANOMY transactions

The transaction in CATANOMY is conducted in the following way: the users send their input and receive the relevant output from the provider. CATANOMY provides processing of user input through processes and data of the provider automatically in real time. In the same way, the price of the transaction is charged. The price consists of a price stipulated by the provider and CATANOMY transaction fee.

Participation in CATANOMY

Participation in CATANOMY brings the providers and users new sales channel and minimizes the risk of stealing know-how.

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